User Manual

Sound Effects

OnSong features a few sound effects to reinforce certain actions. Since these sound effects can be unexpected when using OnSong live, they are disabled by default. If enabled, OnSong will play sounds for the following events:

Beaming Sets

When beaming sets using the Share Menu, a sound is played once the file has been sent to the peers.

External Video

OnSong plays a sound when an external video device is connected or disconnected. This is a similar sound, but the connection sound ascends and the disconnection sound descends.


OnSong plays an ascending sound when a song has been favorited or "starred". When this status is toggled off, a descending sound is played.


When using the OnCue wireless sharing, OnSong will play a subtle ascending sound when sharing has been started, and a descending sound when sharing has stopped.

Page Turning

OnSong plays a sound similar to paper flipping when flipping through songs in the set.

Sticky Notes

OnSong plays a sound similar to a sticky note being removed from paper when a sticky note is added or removed from the chord chart.

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