User Manual


As a musician, you know that every second on stage counts, so we have created an easy-to-use application that gives you quick access to your music for singing lyrics, playing chords, or reading digital sheet music. But like many great creative tools, it goes well beyond the basics too. OnSong can handle all aspects of your performance in unique ways that are as unique as your style.

That's why we've put together this user manual in four distinct sections. This will allow you to understand the basics, lookup features by what you see on screen and by feature, as well as an in-depth review of the various settings in OnSong. After all, for every musician, there's a different way to do music!

Getting Started

This guide will take you through the most basic features that make a big impact on your performance. Get your music into a library and start performing!


It's hard to explain OnSong because it does so much. This section of the user manual breaks down the app into features. Features are easy-to-understand aspects of your musical performance. For instance, you may be interested in using a metronome in OnSong. By looking up the metronome feature, you'll find links to tutorial videos as well as different places in the app where you can leverage that feature.

User Interface

When you're using the app, you may find a specific menu or screen that you have questions about. The bulk of the user manual is designed around the graphical user interface of the app so you can dig in and learn each and every component.


For every musician, there's a different way to do music. OnSong is built for customization. This section of our user manual will guide you through the various settings and what they do.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on March 19, 2022