User Manual

External Video

OnSong is designed to take full advantage of the external video capabilities of iOS devices. The output can be changed to three different modes depending on your needs. The external video settings screen provides advanced options for customizing external video output.

Hide Icon When Inactive

The Menubar contains the External Video Menu which is displayed at all times by default. Toggle this option on to only have the icon appear in the menubar when an external video device is connected.

Lyrics Projection

Lyrics projection allows you to use chord charts to display lyrics on a projector for congregational worship or group sing-a-longs.

Stage Monitor

Stage Monitor Mode allows your device to turn one or more HDTVs into virtual music stands. Configure options for output with these settings.

Screen Mirroring

When this is turned on, OnSong will act like other apps in iOS where the screen is simply mirrored. This is a handy feature if you are using the video output of the device to prepare tutorial videos or for training purposes. This is off by default since OnSong is designed to take control of the entire external display.

You may need to restart OnSong for this change to take effect.

Screen Orientation

Use this to change the orientation of the external screen. This affects both Lyrics Projection and Stage Monitor outputs. This can be set to 0º, 90º, 180º, or 270º. The default setting is 0º.

Screen Resolution

When a video device is connected, it's available modes are reviewed and the highest supported resolution is used by default. In some cases your video device may report modes that are not well supported. For instance, a 1280x1024 monitor may report support for 1920x1080, but will stretch or letterbox the output because of the change in aspect ratio. In that case you can set an explicit resolution to use. This may or may not be supported by the video device. The closest mode will be used in that case.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on July 27, 2023