User Manual

Sticky Note

Use sticky notes to provide instructions about the song or sections of the song.


Tapping on the sticky note option in the annotations menu will immediately place a sticky note on the song page and open the Note Editor. This allows you to type text in the note as well as have control over the appearance of the note on the page.


Double tap on the note to open the Note Editor. You can also tap on a note to select it, and then tap on the edit button in the lower right to edit as well. On the lower right corner is a trash can icon. Tapping on this when the note is selected will delete the note from the page.


Once the sticky note is on the page, you can tap and drag to position it.

Note: Sticky notes are positioned relative to the size of the page. This means that if you add significant amounts of text to the song, or use Flow to arrange the song to be longer, the note will likely shift position to accommodate for this change in height.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on March 22, 2022