User Manual

Annotations Menu

Sometimes chords and lyrics are not enough to communicate how to play a song. In that case, the annotations menu can help. Tap on the annotations icon in the menubar to access annotations. Annotations are notes or drawings that can be placed on the chord chart. OnSong includes the following annotation options in this menu:


Clips let you import pictures and crop them to place on your chord charts and sheet music.


The drawing annotation lets you draw on the page using a pen or highlighter.

Sticky Note

The sticky note annotation allows you to place colored, square notes on the page.

Clear All

Tapping on this option will remove all annotations from the song page. You are prompted before this takes place since it is not reversible.

Set Viewport

When you load a song into the viewer, it appears at 100% zoom and scrolled to the top of the page. In some cases you may want to zoom into a specific part of the song or scroll to a particular area or select a section.

Tap on this option once you've zoomed and positioned the song where you'd like it when you start. Once you select the song to load, the song will return to this setting after it is loaded.

Reset Viewport

Removes any viewport information assigned to the song.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on March 22, 2022