User Manual


The drawing annotation lets you draw on the screen. This is an in-app purchase that costs about as much as a highlighter pen. Once you've purchased the drawing annotation, you can draw on the screen using the draw bar.

The draw bar appears in place of the OnSong menu bar and provides tools you can use to draw on the song page. The following are tools from left to right.

You can find full details about how to use the Drawing tool in our video tutorial.

Apple Pencil Integration

When using an Apple Pencil, OnSong will automatically switch to drawing mode and choose the last drawing tool that was selected. This allows you to markup your document without multiple taps in the Annotations Menu. If you tap on the screen with your finger, OnSong automatically switches to the pan tool. This allows you to draw without switching modes. You can turn off this integration using the Apple Pencil Integration switch in the Layers Menu.

Pan Tool

This tool allows you to scroll and zoom the song viewer while in drawing mode. This mode is automatically toggled if you have Apple Pencil Integration enabled and you touch the screen with your finger.

Pen Tool

The pen tool is enabled by default and draws a single, fully opaque line when selected. You can adjust the size of the pen tool using the size slider. If you tap the pen tool again, the tool will be placed into ortho mode which will draw straight lines. Tap and hold on the tool button to open the Ortho Threshold Menu. The default pen tool uses black ink at 3 points in size.

Highlighter Tool

The highlighter tool provides a larger, square drawing tip that applies the color at 50% opacity. If you tap the highlighter tool again, the tool will be placed into ortho mode which will draw straight lines. Tap and hold on the tool button to open the Ortho Threshold Menu. The default highlighter tools uses yellow ink at 24 points in size.

Eraser Tool

The eraser tool allows you to erase portions of your drawing. If you tap the eraser tool when already selected, you'll toggle in and out of Ortho Mode which allows you to draw straight lines. Tao and hold on the tool button to open the Ortho Threshold Menu. The default eraser size if 24 points and the color picker is disabled.

Move Tool

This tool allows you to move the drawing back into position in order to place the drawing if changing the content of the song causes it to shift.

Size Slider

This size slider control allows you to change the size of each tool. The adjusted range is from 1 pt to 64 points in size. Keep in mind that one inch is equivalent to 72 points. Tap anywhere in the slider and drag to the left or right to adjust. Tap on the left or right side of the slider to fine-tune adjust by one point. The size is remembered for each tool.

Color Picker

This allows you to pick a color for the selected drawing tool. The selected color is remembered for each tool. Color options include black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and white. Use white to whiteout portions of PDF files or when using low light mode. You can also create and manage a palette of custom colors using the Color Picker.


The undo tool reverts to the state of the drawing before the last tool, size, and color selections. For instance, if you draw with the pen tool and do not change the tool, size or color, the undo operation will remove all strokes that were made with that tool. By tapping on a color again, changing the size, or deselecting and selecting the tool again, you can create another undo state. Each of these are retained as layers.


Layers are created each time you change the tool, size, or color. To create a new layer while drawing, just tap on the color of the pen you are using, similar to dipping a pen in an ink well. This will create a new layer.

Layers are useful for drawing annotations and then toggling them on and off for educational purposes, practice, or performance. Tapping on the layers icon will open the Layers Menu, providing tools for toggling layer visibility or editing the layers.


This tool is the opposite of the undo tool and reverts the state of the drawing back from the undone state. For instance, if you draw a layer and tap the Undo button, the layer is removed from the stack. If you tap on the redo tool, the layer is restored.

Done Checkmark

When you are all done drawing, tap on the checkmark to save your changes and return to the song viewer and menubar.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on April 14, 2021