User Manual


Dropbox is a popular cloud-based storage service that works great with OnSong. You can use Dropbox to move files between all of your devices no matter where you are. Save your PDF, Word, or text-based chord charts to a Dropbox folder on your computer. In a few moments you can import those files using OnSong. You can also export files to Dropbox to have them instantly available on your computer and in the cloud.

It's free to sign up for Dropbox and receive a free 2 gigabytes of data storage. There are also subscription plans to expand your storage as your needs grow. In typical usage, 2 gigabytes of storage is plenty of space for using with OnSong.

Sign Up

To sign up for Dropbox, visit the Dropbox website, sign up, and then install software on your computer. OnSong does not require that you install the app on your device.


You can easily import files from Dropbox using the Dropbox import source. Sign in, browse your Dropbox and choose songs to import. It's that easy!


Use the Share Menu to Export your songs and sets to different file formats. Just use the Location Picker to upload your files to Dropbox.


You can even synchronize your OnSong library to Dropbox, allowing you to use the same songs and sets on another device.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on November 22, 2014