User Manual

Video Viewer

The video viewer opens full screen to show the video content selected in the Video Tutorials Screen.

Playback Controls

The video will begin playing automatically. You can use the playback controls found at the bottom of the screen to play, pause, fast forward or rewind to a specific portion of the view.

Playhead Scrubber

Use the playhead scrubber at the top of the screen to position the playhead exactly where you would like to play the video.

Zoom Mode

In the upper right corner is an icon to toggle between letterboxes and zoomed mode of the video.


While not shown in the screenshot, the video viewer does support playback on external video devices including AirPlay to an AppleTV. Whether you connect to a projector via a Digital A/V Adapter, VGA Adapter or AppleTV, it's a great way to share tutorial videos with your team.


While not shown in this picture, OnSong supports playing video tutorials while using OnSong. Tap on the picture-in-picture icon in the lower right corner to shrink the size of the video player and then drag it to a location on the screen. You can then watch the video while using OnSong or other apps on your device.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on February 27, 2016