User Manual

Context Menu

You can quickly perform actions on songs using the context menu. This will appear when you tap and hold on a song in any song list. The menu that appears can perform the following functions.

  • Delete deletes the selected song(s) after displaying a prompt.
  • Beam will use OnCue to send the selected songs to other OnSong users.
  • Duplicate will make a copy of the selected song(s) so that each can have different content.
  • Edit opens the Song Editor to edit the selected song.
  • Mark provides a submenu which allows you to mark the selected song(s).
  • Add To... provides a submenu for adding the selected song(s) to books or sets.
  • Share provides a submenu for sharing the selected song(s) in various ways.
OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on April 12, 2022