User Manual

Planning Center

Planning Center Online is a service used by churches to organize teams and schedule events. This works great for larger organizations where timing of multiple services and resources is important.

OnSong integrates with Planning Center by allowing you to browse your service types and folders and select a plan to import. You can also import individual songs.

Signing In

Before you can use the Planning Center Online import, you will need to sign into the service. Be sure to do this first before proceeding.

Search Songs

At the top of the import menu is a search songs option. Tap on this to search your Planning Center song library to import songs into your OnSong library. This is useful if you are planning to create sets in OnSong instead of first making a plan in Planning Center.

Choose a Service Type

You can use the rest of the screen to browse folders, or to choose a service type. This will display a list of plans made for that service type.

Sign Out

The bottom of the screen displays the organization that you are signed in under, as well as a Sign Out button. Tap on the Sign Out button if you need to sign in as another user. Since Planning Center does not support multiple organization access in its API, you will need to sign in separately if you manage multiple organizations.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on December 13, 2014