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User Manual


The metronome live bar button is used to toggle the metronome on and off. The first time the metronome button is pressed with out a tempo, the Tempo Picker will appear allowing you to select a tempo for the song.

Once a tempo has been set, tapping on the button will start the metronome. Tapping again will stop the metronome. Tap and hold the button to open the tempo picker again to set a different tempo.

For more details on the metronome, refer to the Metronome in Features.

Note: If no tempo has been assigned to the current song, this button will appear faded. Once a tempo has been set, it will appear more prominently to indicate that a tempo has been set. Tapping on the faded button will open the Tempo Picker to choose a tempo.

OnSong 2024 — Last Updated on March 3, 2016