User Manual

Choose Custom Track

To link a custom audio track to your chord chart, you must first decide which library to pull from for playback. While these methods of accessing audio tracks are slightly different, they all include the ability to link a track just by tapping on it. Once a track is selected, you'll be presented with a Change Song dialog to determine if the track's duration and tempo are applied to the chord chart. OnSong provides access to the following libraries.

Apple Music

This option provides access to shared audio tracks that you can play using the Music app on your device. Linking audio tracks from Apple Music has some advantages.

  • Tracks that are stored in iTunes in the Cloud or iTunes music match can be accessed using Apple Music.
  • Tracks that contain digital rights management can only be played through Apple Music.
  • Tracks are not stored within your OnSong library making the storage requirements of your app and backups less.
  • Tracks are shared between multiple apps and can be played back from the Music app on your device.
  • While OnSong does support background audio when playing music, if OnSong were to be shut down for any reason, the audio would stop. When using Apple Music, the song can keep playing even in the event of an unlikely failure.

Audio Media Library

Choose this option to manage audio tracks directly inside of OnSong. The audio media library is stored inside of your OnSong library. This lets you import and manage audio tracks without using Apple Music, but will consume additional data storage inside of your library.

Visual Media Library

Choose this option to link videos to be used as backing tracks. When played, these videos we automatically be played underneath any lyrics projection with sound and can be controlled just like any other backing track.

Spotify Library

Choose this option if you have a Spotify account and would like to link streaming audio tracks to your chord charts instead of storing them on your device. This will open the Spotify Library screen to let you choose from your saved tracks, albums, followed artists or to search for tracks in Spotify's music catalog.

Note that Spotify is not supported when running OnSong on a Mac because the Spotify SDK is not supported on macOS.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on May 30, 2023