User Manual


Music is so much more than sound alone. It's the entire experience that you bring between you and your audience. But bigger experiences can be cost prohibitive and require trained and specialized people to run light shows or graphics. But what if the simple act of swiping to the next song or pressing a foot pedal could shift the visual and emotional impact of your music in a moment? That's scenes.

Scenes integrates smart bulbs from companies like Philips and LIFX to create colorful lighting for your stage. Compared to professional lighting equipment, these bulbs are very affordable, easy to install and portable.

Scenes also can integrate with DMX stage lighting fixtures using the ArtNet protocol with a compatible interface from companies like DMXKing.com.

To enable the in-app purchase and start making a scenes, open the Utilities Menu » Editors » Scenes.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on October 17, 2017