User Manual

Document Scanner

The document scanner is an OnSong Premium feature that lets you use your device's camera to import songs into your OnSong library. You simply line up the camera with pages on a table or music stand. The document scanner finds rectangles that look like paper and snap the shot. It automatically perspective corrects your pages.


The document scanner is available in OnSong 2020.0 and requires iOS/iPadOS 13 or higher because of the advanced computer vision that is being used. You'll also need to have OnSong Premium to use this feature.

If you don't see this in your Add Songs Menu, tap on the + button to add it to your customized import sources.

Scanning Pages

The document scanner takes over your enter screen to use your camera in augmented reality to capture pages.

Making Adjustments

You can make adjustments in the camera to handle changes in the environment. For instance, if you are on a dimly lit stage, turn on the flash button to enable the rear flashlight to illuminate the paper.

Reviewing Pages

Use the menubar that appears that the bottom of the screen with your scanned pages to make adjustments to each page, more bad scans, reorder pages, and finally import the document into your library.


Once you're satisfied with your scanned document, tap on the Save button in the right corner to import the document as a PDF file into your library.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on January 20, 2020