User Manual

Foot Pedals

OnSong works great with popular foot pedals to control OnSong without the use of your hands. These solutions can work great for vocalists, drummers, and other instrumentalists that need a creative way operate OnSong without taking away from why they are on stage in the first place.


The most popular form of foot pedal connects via Bluetooth and is similar to a computer keyboard but for your feet. Companies like AirTurn, CODA, and PageFlip create foot pedals that are highly reliable and flexible.

Foot pedals are set up to scroll your song and navigate your sets with a press of your foot. You can also customize the actions for each foot pedal in the Foot Pedal Setup screen. With four-pedal options you can also configure Gears to extend your foot pedals to perform even more actions!


OnSong can be configured to work with various MIDI devices like the iRig Blueboard. The setup for MIDI devices is a bit different and does require the purchase of the MIDI Integration in-app purchase. Each pedal would need to be configured separately and does not function out of the box.


OnSong also works with wired foot pedals and other USB devices that are supported for Apple.

Note: Keep in mind that USB foot pedals need to be able to be powered by the iOS/iPadOS device and require the use of a Camera Connection Kit to be connected to the device. Check with the manufacturer to make sure that the foot pedal works with iOS/iPadOS devices before ordering.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on March 23, 2022