User Manual

Extract Text

OnSong can import and view a wide variety of file formats, but works best with text-based chord charts, allowing for chord transposition, text formatting, and lyrics projection. Converting existing files can be a challenge. OnSong provides tools to make converting these file formats easier.

Adobe PDF

Many users have PDF files available that they have used in their paper binders for years. The Adobe PDF file format is great for accurately representing the printed page and is portable between different computer platforms.


You can import photos and other files using the JPEG, PNG, and TIFF file formats. These are images that are displayed "as-is" but may be able to be converted into text if they are from a scanned document.

Word Processing Files

OnSong can view many popular word processing files such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and the Rich Text Format (RTF). These are viewed "as-is" but can usually be converted to text-based chord charts.

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