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One of the first steps to automating your stage presence is actions. Actions are the things that can be done in OnSong such as scrolling down through the song, or flipping to the next song. Actions are performed by triggers which are the events that take place that cause the action. For instance, pressing a foot pedal on the floor would trigger an action like turning the virtual page.

Of course, that's the tip of the iceberg. OnSong has over 150 actions you can assign to each trigger, giving you boundless opportunities. With OnSong Premium, you get features like Double Tap and Multiple Actions to perform more actions with less hardware. It's as simple as assigning an action to a trigger.

Here's a look at some of the triggers where you can assign actions:

Foot Pedals

OnSong supports many wireless foot pedals from companies like AirTurn, CODA and PageFlip. This means you can finally put your foot down and get some action.

Smart Buttons

If you have enough going on with your feet, you may want to use Flic, a smart button that works over Bluetooth. Featuring microsuction mounting, you can place this on your instrument and perform up to three actions per button.

Screen Taps

Even if you don't have the budget or desire for more hardware, you can assign actions to regions of your screen, giving you control with just a tap.


The very mention of this acronym can make even the most seasoned musician tremble, but MIDI gives you the power to fully automate your instruments and audio devices. In the most simple form, you can listen for signals from your instrument and have OnSong do all the things.


Annotations give you the ability to keep sticky notes or clips that remind you what pedal board or keyboard patches you need to change. But what if you could tap on a note or clip and have OnSong automatically configure your instruments and equipment instead? You can map actions to annotations and simply tap to automate your stage.


Many actions are performed by your input. But what if you want to perform an action when something else happens? You can do that too. For instance, you can start a backing track as soon as you flip to another song.

OnSong 2023 — Last Updated on March 22, 2022