Release Notes

OnSong 2022.0

OnSong 2022.0 was released on March 22, 2022 at 2:22 PM. This is a new release with massive new features.
The following items have been added, changed or fixed:


  • Redesigned Interface gives you new ways to browse, search, and interact with your songs, sets, and collections while remaining familiar.
  • We're Mac, Baby Now you can run OnSong on both Intel and Apple Silicon-powered laptops and desktops. Requires macOS 12.0 or newer.
  • PraiseCharts lets you browse, search, and download your content from the premier catalog of chord charts, sheet music, and more.
  • AirTurn BT-500 lets you use the latest AirTurn foot pedals including those with analog inputs for expression pedals.
  • Attachments expand your library by managing multiple versions of songs and easily switch between them.
  • Clips brings the power of images to your charts letting you import notation and more.
  • Shortcuts gives you full control to create your own keyboard shortcuts to launch actions.


  • Added the ability to browse songs by tempo.
  • Added the ability to search songs within a set.
  • Added the ability to perform any action on a section selection.
  • Added context menus throughout the app to perform actions on list items.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for common actions like live bar, zooming, text editing...
  • Added menu options in the system menubar such as import, backup, sharing, and toggling different external video modes as windows.
  • Added the ability to temporarily disable specific MIDI triggers.
  • Added the ability to trim audio imported into the OnSong media library.
  • Added the ability to edit custom tracks from the track picker screen using a context menu.
  • Added the ability to see when a song was deleted in the Undelete Songs menu.
  • Added a context menu to be able to select a heads up display mode in Mac Catalyst.
  • Added a select/deselect all control for multiselect in Mac Catalyst.
  • Added the ability to go to recent collections by tapping on the title of the list with a down arrow.
  • Added the ability to preview a file in the File Sharing import screen.
  • Added the ability to rename files in file sharing.
  • Added the ability to rename files in Dropbox.
  • Added the ability to import songs into the OnSong Media library from Apple Music.
  • Added the ability to print all supported files types.
  • Added the ability to access the iOS/iPadOS settings app of OnSong from the settings screen.
  • Added the ability to set the filename of the song for exporting and storage.
  • Added the ability to view Support options as a section in the Utilities menu including Contact Us, Knowledge Base, User Manual and Videos.
  • Added the ability to see which keys are available in the chords tab for attachments when disconnected from the Internet.
  • Added the ability to use the "f" ChordPro declaration for copyright/footer.
  • Added the ability to customize variable actions is they display their values and if they are absolute or not or inverted.
  • Added the ability to convert a non-text, non-PDF file to a PDF file before applying annotations.
  • Added the ability to transpose and capo downloaded files using transpose actions in addition to the style preferences menu.


  • Updated to support iOS/iPadOS 15 and higher.
  • Updated to include all features and fixes through OnSong 2020.8.7.


  • Changed the iPhone version to use a single button that opens the menubar menu instead of a crowded toolbar.
  • Changed the iPhone version to use larger live bar buttons by default.
  • Changed the Get Support screen to indicate the premium support expiration or if a subscription is required.
  • Changed how OnSong handles external video screens to make them compatible with modern windows and scenes.
  • Changed spacing in the song editor and menubar to improve screen layout.
  • Changed the primary button in the Undelete Songs menu to "Restore" instead of "Done".
  • Changed back buttons in the navigation to just arrows.
  • Changed the account screen to indicate available premium based on purchase date.
  • Changed the Console web server to use an alternate port if port 80 is unavailable.
  • Changed the export, backup and upload subsystems to be more modern and modular.
  • Changed the Manage Your Account button to create a temporary session to authenticate the user with the OnSong website.
  • Changed the import screens to use a stationary search bar such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Changed the renewal screen to not appear if there is no Internet connection.
  • Changed the annotation icons that appear when tapping to edit, delete, etc.
  • Changed the scroll to the top/bottom in lists to require a double tap on the title or song count.
  • Changed the icons used for file sharing and other local folders in the export/import screens.
  • Changed the way data is saved in the system to be faster and allow for future synchronization.
  • Changed the icons in the custom track picker menu to be more consistent and equally weighted.
  • Changed the user registration process to only sign up for newsletter only in areas where that is permitted.
  • Changed transposing keys to use attachments when keys are set and implemented via supported content providers.
  • Changed the renderer to not double output conflicting or duplicate ChordPro tags.
  • Changed the song editor to remove the arrow keys when running on a Mac.
  • Changed the height of the song editor quick chord bar for proper alignment on a Mac.
  • Changed external URLs to open in the Safari application on Macs.
  • Changed the Get Support screen to inform support when an M1 Mac is being used.
  • Changed the sort menu in Mac Catalyst to use context menus instead.
  • Changed the multiselect in Mac Catalyst to use context menus.
  • Changed the way import sources are renamed to use a standard interface to make it compatible with Mac Catalyst.
  • Changed the way gears are renamed to use a standard interface to make it compatible with Mac Catalyst.
  • Changed the way File Sharing is handled in Mac Catalyst to allow selection of the import/export directory.
  • Changed the size of the Page Sheet modal to adjust height to be closer to the iPad version.
  • Changed window management to open windows on the last known screen at the last known size on Mac.
  • Changed window management to automatically reopen at full screen if closed when in full screen mode on Mac.
  • Changed the alert dialogs to appear within the screen/menu from which they originated on Mac.
  • Changed "File Sharing" to be either "Documents" or "Downloads" on Mac Catalyst according to Import Setting preferences.

Known Issues

  • Full screen is not reestablished when starting the iPadOS app on an M1 Mac.


  • Removed support for iOS/iPadOS 13 and 15. Requires iOS/iPadOS 15.0 or newer.
  • Removed the ability to manually adjust screen resolution from settings to be compliant with scenes.
  • Removed support for the Broadcast feature in Share > Social on Mac.
  • Removed original Flic support from Mac versions since it requires the Flic app that is not compatible with Macs.
  • Removed Spotify integration in the Mac version since it is not supported by the Spotify SDK.
  • Removed support for NMSSH SFTP in Mac Catalyst since it is unsupported.
  • Removed support for Google Drive in Mac Catalyst since it is unsupported.
  • Removed the sync feature pending a rewrite of this function.