Release Notes

OnSong 2020.7.10

OnSong 2020.7.10 was released on May 2, 2021. The following items have been added, changed or fixed:

Known Issues

  • There is an issue with the AirTurn framework included in this releases when encountering certain PDF documents. »


  • Added support for universal links in the app to open OnSong from certain web pages.
  • Added the ability to leverage web credentials to unify the login process of OnSong with the website.
  • Added a loupe to show the the current time on playback slider in the audio editor.
  • Added a loupe to display the volume and pan amount in the audio editor.
  • Added a loupe to the opacity slider in the overlay settings menu.
  • Added a loupe in the foot pedal settings menu to show the percentage number when changing the scroll amount.
  • Added a loupe in the the foot pedal settings menu to show the time when changing the scroll duration.


  • Changed the Get Accessories button in the Getting Started screen to open the accessories web page.
  • Changed web pages opened from the Getting Started page to open full screen.
  • Changed the title of the foot pedal settings menu to Foot Pedal Settings instead of Settings.
  • Changed the Audio Media Library to have edit and delete actions in a context menu.


  • Fixed an issue where MID and WAV files would not use the correct file type icon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Remove Song/Moment context menu option does not function in sets.
  • Fixed an issue where single page Pages documents do not go to the next page when issuing the scroll down action.
  • Fixed an issue when viewing a song while deleting where it will be added back to the list.
  • Fixed an issue where users with emojis in their device name cannot login due to a database error.
  • Fixed an issue with Open In or Copy To items in the share activity is not working.
  • Fixed an issue with autoscroll restarting after being stopped and then the screen tapped.
  • Fixed an issue where OnSong audio tracks are not viewable in the artist of album tabs when not completing both fields.
  • Fixed an issue where mixed smart/straight quotes cause song titles to be out of order.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple swipe gestures for scrolling during autoscrolling can cause autoscroll to start prematurely and from the beginning of the song.
  • Fixed a potential crash condition when performing MIDI triggers that effect the user interface.
  • Fixed a performance issue after starting autoscroll that may cause user interface delays.
  • Fixed a potential crash condition when importing a library and the playback menu is open.
  • Fixed a potential crash condition when creating sets with a null song.
  • Fixed a potential crash condition when comparing items.