Release Notes

OnSong 2019.8

OnSong 2019.8 was released on August 22, 2019. The following items have been added, changed or fixed:


  • Fixed an issue where autoscroll is not started on OnSong Connect clients.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate books were being created due to a book being previously renamed.
  • Fixed an issue where superscript not working in Nashville notation.
  • Fixed an issue with chord playback and custom chord variations.
  • Fixed an issue where the autoscroll trigger will start a metronome on songs that don't have a tempo set.
  • Fixed an issue with quantity of All Songs and Unbound Songs not being populated.
  • Fixed an issue where songs added to sets from books with separate styles enabled would not save back to the set.
  • Fixed an issue with sizing of form sheets contains in tab controllers in iOS 13.
  • Fixed an issue where ithe first scroll down action would not function due to an invalid forward pedal trigger action.
  • Fixed an issue where forward pedal trigger delays when no metronome, autoscroll, or backing track was available.


  • Changed the songs list API to take a "collection" parameter for "all", "unbound" and "bound" reserved collections.
  • Changed the rotation slider to prevent -0º output.