Release Notes

OnSong 1.99992

OnSong 1.99992 was released on January 2, 2017. The following items have been added, changed or fixed:


  • Added the ability to manage contacts and groups from the email screen. »
  • Added the ability to toggle virtual MIDI on and off in the MIDI Settings menu. »
  • Added the ability to preview songs while selecting them in multi-select mode. This can be enabled in Settings » Menu Settings » Songs » Multiselect » Preview While Selecting. »
  • Added the ability to swipe down on the navigation bar to close a modal.


  • Changed Crossfade Enabled to Crossfade Between Tracks in the English translation.
  • Changed the term "MIDI" to "Send MIDI" in the MIDI Triggers and MIDI Action Picker screens for consistency.
  • Changed the song viewer to show the desk behind PDF files instead of the white paper.
  • Changed the way the interface works on the iPhone to be more closely aligned with the iPad version.
  • Changed the way the add-ons screen appears on compact devices and adjusted text to be more concise and prevent wrapping for better layout.
  • Changed the way current set is calculated to pick the next closest song coming up.


  • Fixed a crash condition issue when reset song is called.
  • Fixed a crash condition when finding a song page in stage monitor mode.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the audio live bar menu to show that an iTunes track was playing if it had completed playing in the Music app when OnSong was not in the foreground.
  • Fixed an issue where moving sticky notes too quickly causes the note to skip around.
  • Fixed an issue where zooming into a text-based chord chart and editing would cause strange behavior when the editor is dismissed.
  • Fixed an issue that happens for an unknown reason that causes the registration screen to not show a navigation bar by ensuring the navigation bar is displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where MIDI source/destinations do not automatically appear in OnSong when OnSong is running in the background.
  • Fixed an issue that can cause MIDI to not be received when MIDI input is received but the source parameter is incorrectly a destination. This appears to be an issue with iOS.
  • Fixed an issue with how MIDI destinations and sources were being updated which caused strange issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of sources/destinations in the MIDI Settings menu would not update after connecting to a Bluetooth MIDI device.
  • Fixed an issue with picking songs using the Switch Song action that would cause the song to appear as NULL.
  • Fixed an issue with how MIDI sources and destinations were being refreshed when the app entered the foreground.
  • Fixed issues with calling the Switch Section, Send Message and Switch Scene actions.
  • Fixed issues when triggering variable "Adjust" actions from MIDI input.
  • Fixed an issue when opening and then closing the edit screen causes redraw issues after the device has been rotated.
  • Fixed an issue with the songs menu not closing when being used on the iPad Pro in portrait split screen mode.
  • Fixed an issue when the songs list is sorted by Updated and then the song editor is opened and closed, the song jumps to the top of the list.
  • Fixed an issue with how the section picker in settings was not working when in compact mode or on an iPhone.
  • Fixed issues with the Auto Hide Menubar setting when running on an iPhone.
  • Fixed an issue with how borders were handled when viewing imported files that would cause a permanent 20 pixel border at the top of the screen when in full screen mode.
  • Fixed issues with the heads-up display when being used in compact mode in multitasking mode.
  • Fixed an issue in Stage Monitor mode where is will remain using iPhone aspect ratio and not the aspect ratio in settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the settings section picker would remain active after drilling into sections on the iPhone.
  • Fixed an issue with the live bar not drawing in the correct position when the song viewer is reloaded in a compact multitasked size.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to flow made in the playback menu were not being applied when using an iPhone.
  • Fixed an issue where removing or turning off flow in the iPhone version is not effecting the flow.