Release Notes

OnSong 1.9994

OnSong 1.9994 was released on March 28, 2016. This release fixing the following issues:


  • Added the ability to set an action to switch to a specific song. »
  • Added the ability to toggle the input assistant bar when using the song editor in the song editor setting screen. »
  • Added the ability to tap in the menubar to hide the on-screen keyboard when editing sticky notes on the iPhone. »
  • Added the ability to change the icon of songs by tapping on the icon in the songs and sets list. Icons are cycled as you tap. »
  • Added the ability to select a specific destination for MIDI playback. »
  • Added the ability for the MIDI sources and destinations to update automatically when devices are plugged and unplugged. »
  • Added the ability for OnSong to display if a MIDI connection is virtual. »
  • Added the ability to set up OnSong as a virtual MIDI destination. »
  • Added the ability for OnSong to prompt for updating or duplicating when beaming a set via OnCue or OnSong Connect.
  • Added a backup restoration progress screen instead of locking the user interface with no information.
  • Added a blur to the status bar so it matches the menubar.


  • Changed the label for MIDI chord playback to "Chord Playback". »
  • Changed the Apply Styles screen to apply the numbering system if selected.
  • Changed the default behavior of the keyboard in the song editor to include the input assistance bar.
  • Changed existing settings to disable timestamped backup files if automatic backup is enabled.
  • Changed the way the automatic backup feature works with the timestamp. Turning on the automatic backup will automatically turn off the timestamp with no prompt. If they try to turn it on again, then it will prompt.
  • Changed the ArtNet DMX manager to reconnect when the app becomes active to allow changes in network to resolve.


  • Fixed an issue where automatic backup files would consume too much storage space.
  • Fixed a crash condition when using the drawing tool on iOS 8 and earlier.
  • Fixed a crash condition when opening the Print Preview screen on iOS 5 and 6 due to how printing of annotations was implemented with newer framework methods.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to open the Background Media Library from the Editors menu on iOS 5. Background media management is not supported on iOS 5.
  • Fixed an issue with the menubar overlapping the song content when rotating the screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rewrite Into Key process that wouldn't declare the key properly.
  • Fixed an issue where printing or exporting PDF files containing drawings would cause the first page of the printout to be blank aside from annotations.
  • Fixed layout issues with the date picker in the set editor that are caused by Apple fixing layout of that component in newer versions of iOS 9 which had been worked around.
  • Fixed an issue where OnSong fails to create or find a library.
  • Fixed an issue where inter-app audio was disabled in the build settings.
  • Fixed an issue with audio cutting out when the metronome is enabled.
  • Fixed a crash condition with the PageFlip FireFly on iOS 6.
  • Fixed an issue with custom-colored lyrics overlays not resizing.
  • Fixed a layout issue on the AirTurn Digit configure screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Remove Capo output option had no effect on emailed documents.
  • Fixed an issue where tutorial videos would not play for configuring the AirTurn DUO and Digit II.
  • Fixed an issue when synchronizing transposed SongSelect songs which caused the transposed files to be imported creating duplicates.
  • Fixed an issue when transposing back into the standard key where the transposed root is not retained.
  • Fixed an issue with background operations with MIDI clock.
  • Fixed an issue with the naming of external MIDI devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the MIDI clock adjustment would not output correctly for 100%.
  • Fixed an issue with the MIDI driver being initialized twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chord Builder opens automatically on the iPhone and prevents editing.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a song in the songs menu will scroll to the default song at the bottom.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the ArtNet DMX manager to lose connection if a network has been changed.
  • Fixed an issue where invisible whitespace characters in a chord could cause transposition to not occur.
  • Fixed an issue with the Quick Pick screen that would cause the song viewer to redraw and move the current song to the top of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue with sticky notes where the border shadow would appear even when the opacity is dropped to a low number that is not zero. The shadow opacity is not keyed off of the opacity of the note color.
  • Fixed an issue in the color builder where you cannot create a fully transparent color.
  • Fixed an issue where the Editors menu would not be dismissed upon opening the Audio Media or Background Media Library on iOS 6 and earlier.
  • Fixed an issue where the songs in a set do not remove "The" when sorting alphabetically.
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Pick screen does not work under iOS 5 and 6 due to the lack of a database function required for advanced sorting. This has been resolved by falling back to the original sorting method on those versions.
  • Fixed an issue with how the show/hide menubar is calculated that caused overlap onto the song caused by iOS 9 not returning the height of the status bar when hidden.
  • Fixed a token validation error that causes Spotify integration to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where chords are not showing in Console.
  • Fixed an issue where the action sheet appears under the keyboard when editing a note on a compact device like an iPhone.
  • Fixed an issue when assigning actions to sticky notes when using an iPhone.
  • Fixed an issue where using autoscroll and then tapping the scroll down pedal does not advance to the next song in the set but rather scrolls to the top until this is repeated.
  • Fixed an issue where the autoscroll forward pedal would continue to toggle autoscroll even if the page was already scrolled.
  • Fixed an issue when transposition with bracketed whitespace instances.
  • Fixed an issue where the songs in a set do not remove "The" when sorting alphabetically.
  • Fixed glitch with audio when moving to background.
  • Fixed an issue where chord lines settings were not being respected by Console.
  • Fixed a display issue when using mid-song transposition with the key tag.
  • Fixed a potential crash condition when the backup file is not created.
  • Fixed a potential crash condition that occurs if a byline cannot be determined in Internet-based importation.
  • Fixed a possible crash condition when attempting to move the lyrics projection preview.


  • Removed the ability to use the lyrics projection preview widgets on iOS 5 and 6 due to implementation and performance issues.
  • Removed the ability to open the Background Media Library editor on iOS 5 since background media is not supported on that platform.