Release Notes

OnSong 1.983

OnSong 1.983 was released on March 13, 2014 and fixes critical issues.


  • Added support for drawing annotations on the iPhone and iPod touch.


  • Changed the opacity of video tutorial titles to be more readable.
  • Changed the order of options in the "Add" menu for international users to match the English order.


  • Fixed a critical issue that prevented songs from being imported into OnSong from email, web or other apps.
  • Fixed a critical issue that caused data loss when exporting files that were converted from another file format to Dropbox using the OnSong or Text file formats.
  • Fixed an issue with printing set lists from iOS 6.1 or earlier.
  • Fixed a crash when accessing the new Planning Center import methods caused by NULL values being passed from PCO.
  • Fixed an issue with set folders and assigning a set to a folder when viewed in low light mode.
  • Fixed an issue with key metadata not appearing in the song viewer.
  • Fixed an issue where the drawing tool would scroll instead of drawing.
  • Fixed an issue where the new HUD playback view caused the volume display to be disabled.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a song from the main library.
  • Fixed an issue with the key not changing correctly when transpose was turned off and capo was set to zero but turned on.
  • Fixed an issue with setting MIDI program changes where the program would not be rendered to the string.
  • Fixed an issue with rendering search parameters for Rockin' With The Cross when using iOS 6.1 or earlier.
  • Fixed an issue with song reporting based on usage.
  • Fixed a possible issue when synchronizing with Dropbox when Sync As Files is turned on.