Release Notes

OnSong 1.982

OnSong 1.982 was released on March 9, 2014. It is a major update with some great new features and performance improvements.


  • Draw and highlight your chord chart!

    Tap on the annotations icon and choose the new Drawing add-on for $1.99. You can use a highlighter or pen and have full undo/redo and layer management too.

  • Integrate with Planning Center Online

    Connect to your Planning Center Online account to browse upcoming plans.
    Import a plan and choose the arrangement that works for you.
    You can even import songs directly from your songs library.

  • Faster Set Performance

    We've rewritten the way sets are loaded to make viewing sets faster.
    We've been able to remove the 32 song soft limit. Finally!

  • Print Set Lists

    In the print preview screen, tap on the icon in the lower left to switch between printing your song pages or a list.
    You can even customize what columns you'd like to output in the options menu.

  • Heads-Up Display

    Swipe the title of the song in the menubar to reveal different "heads-up display" modes.
    Options include song title, song and set title, current song and next song,
    elapsed time for songs and sets and playback volume and routing.

  • Pitch Pipe

    Configure an action to a foot pedal, hot corner or navigation zone and choose "Playback Pitch".
    OnSong will play the key of the song as a chord, sounding each note in turn until the chord has been completed.
    In addition, you can use the new "Pitch:" metatag to choose a custom pitch or pitch progression to be played.

  • Map MIDI to Sections

    Tap and hold a section of the song (verse, chorus, bridge, etc) and set MIDI events to be sent.
    Tap on the section or use a foot pedal to select the section and send your custom MIDI events.
    Requires the MIDI add-on for $3.99

  • More Powerful MIDI Editor

    We've spent time making a more powerful and consistent MIDI editor throughout the app.
    If you have the MIDI add-on, you can map MIDI events to load songs, or to be sent when the song is loaded.
    Send MIDI by pressing a foot pedal, selecting a section, or tapping a hot corner or navigation zone.


  • Changed Italian notation to appear as do ré mi fa sol la si when the French language is used.
  • Changed the MIDI editor to use the same editor throughout the app.
  • Changed how search bars are shown in both low light and normal mode.
  • Changed the grid view background to have rounded corners.
  • Changed the size of the chord inspector to have better margins.
  • Changed the chord diagrams to not invert when selected.
  • Changed the shadow slider in the external video menu to adjust by 1% when tapping icons.
  • Changed all lists and screens to have a consistent style in both normal and low light mode.
  • Changed the "Use my version" and "Use the shared song" to better align with options below.
  • Changed iOS 7 to bold the first line of text in lists by default.
    This is configurable in Utilities » Editors » Navigation » Screens » Menubar » Bolder Menu Titles
  • Changed the Next/Previous Slide action to use the expanded version of the song configured in Flow.
  • Changed the metronome to allow custom minimum and maximum BPM.
    This is configured in Settings » Metronome » Audio Settings » Minimum/Maximum BPM.
  • Changed the viewer to stop rendering ahead/behind on a set when a memory error is received. For instance, if the user is navigating a set and too much memory is being used, the next song in the set will not be visible during page flipping. Once a new set is select, that resumes until a memory warning is encountered. This provides for a graceful degradation to conserve memory.
  • Changed the section titles in menus to be white when in low light mode.


  • Updated system icons for exported file types.
  • Updated language translation files.


  • Added the ability to send and receive all types of MIDI events such as note and control events.
  • Added the ability to quickly navigate the Settings screen on the iPhone by picking a section to scroll to using a toolbar button.
  • Added the ability to swipe the title of the song viewer to use different heads-up display options such as the set name, next song and elapsed time.
  • Added the ability to toggle hiding the status bar on iOS 7 when the menubar is hidden.
    This can be configured in Utilities » Editors » Navigation » Screen » Menubar » Hides Statusbar.
  • Added the ability to set MIDI send events to specific sections. To set this, tap and hold on the section in the chord chart with MIDI enabled. Add your events and close. Tapping or selecting the section with a foot pedal will send those MIDI events.
  • Added the ability to turn off the "." shortcut in the song editor. It is turned on by default.
    This can be configured in Settings » Editor Options » Enable "." Shortcut.
  • Added the ability to lowercase chord letters for minor chords, separating this from the German chord localization.
    This can be configured under Settings » Instrument Settings » Lowercase Minor Chords.


  • Fixed an issue when scrolling through chord chart variations.
  • Fixed an issue where non-chord values were being converted to chords in dual capo mode.
  • Fixed memory related issue where flipping through a set comprised of PDF files would cause blank pages and/or black boxes.
  • Fixed an issue with opening Pages 5.0 documents from iTunes file sharing.
  • Fixed an issue where choosing an option in the MIDI action picker may not be visible when using low light mode.
  • Fixed an issue with text entry in the Settings screen when using iOS 6.
  • Fixed an issue where D#5 was linked to Daug.
  • Fixed an issue where flashed text would not appear correct in low light mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the live bar buttons will not appear in low light mode on iOS 7.
  • Fixed an issue with the song reporting screen to use "W" instead of "Week" to avoid truncation.
  • Fixed issues with resizing the "no results" and "instructions" in the All Songs menu.
  • Fixed an issue that causes a crash when changing settings in the Print Preview screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Remove Description Text" was not being respected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cancel button in the Add/Edit Variation menu is non-functional.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Remove "The"" and "Show Remote Songs" should default to on when configuring the songs menu in the Utilities menu » Navigation Editor » Screens.
  • Fixed an issue with a blank icon being inserted in the song editor on the iPhone after converting to text.
  • Fixed an issue with line formatting being removed when toggling between bracketed and chords over lyrics mode.
  • Fixed an issue where chord diagrams were not matching the letters in print/export.
  • Fixed an issue where the CCLI license cannot be removed after settings it in Settings » Sharing and Rights » CCLI License #.
  • Fixed an issue where the note contents would reset when the display menu is opened in the sticky note editor.
  • Fixed an issue where the external video would not fill the entire screen.
  • Fixed the undo button in the song editor, but removed redo to allow for faster undo.
  • Fixed the song editor so the cursor doesn't jump around and the scroll position stays constant.
  • Fixed issues with OnSong Connect that caused crashes.
  • Fixed issues where the shadow was not appearing under lyrics in the lyrics projection.
  • Fixed an issue with the song not appearing when lyrics projection is begun.
  • Fixed issues with the cursor and undo in the song editor.
  • Fixed crashes and non-responsiveness in the export screen if a Dropbox error occurs.
  • Fixed a memory issue while processing song content.
  • Fixed an incorrect default setting for renderer version in settings.
  • Fixed an issue with connecting to Cubby using WebDAV.
  • Fixed an issue where the MIDI event screen was missing a navigation bar in the iPhone version.
  • Fixed issues with the OnSong Connect screens to be low light mode enabled.
  • Fixed issues with low light mode in the Output Settings menu.