Release Notes

OnSong 1.972

OnSong 1.972 was released on December 9, 2013. It is an incremental update to improve performance and fix bugs.


  • Fixed an issue where performance would degrade and cause a crash on first generation iPads.
  • Fixed an issue opening Pages 5.0 documents from the Pages app.
  • Fixed issues importing songs from a ZIP file where OnSong was not placing the extracted files in the correct place in the library and incorrectly retaining the ZIP file.
  • Fixed an issue where a special character was causing odd line wrapping in iOS 7.
  • Fixed an issue when foot pedals become unresponsive when the foot pedal configuration menu is first opened on iOS 7.
  • Fixed an issue where the text "NC" was not being recognized as a chord in Chords Over Lyrics mode.
  • Fixed an issue where some chords would not play back when tapping on piano variations due to the range of sound banks.
  • Fixed an issue where popover menus in the pedal configuration menu do not align to the pressed buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where í and ú characters do not appear in OnSong.
  • Fixed an issue where preloading music from the iTunes library would stop background audio.
  • Fixed an issue with sound effects stopping background audio.
  • Fixed an issue where songs would not advance correctly with foot pedals or screen taps when a duplicate song is in the set.
  • Fixed an issue where setting the screen brightness with MIDI would reset the screen brightness when the app launches, even if that MIDI device is not attached to correct the brightness.


  • Changed the foot pedal behavior to allow foot pedals to be used when menus are opened.
  • Removed the quick chord picker from the bottom of the chord builder in the song editor for iPad. This was being cut off by the keyboard and the new chord bar replaces this functionality.


  • Added the chord bar to the song editor keyboard that allows quick chord entry.
  • Added an option in Settings » Sound » Show Music in iCloud that, if turned off, will only show music that is on the local music library.
  • Added a setting in Settings » Sticky Notes » Note Font Size that will allow users to set the default size of sticky notes.
  • Added an action to allow users to mute the metronome, but continue to run it. This can be configured for foot pedals, hot corners and navigation edges.
  • Added the ability for lyrics projection to display lines formatted as bold, italic, or color using the line formatting characters.
  • Added the option to display MIDI events (Notes, Program Changes and Control Events) on the heads-up display. To configure, go into the Utilities menu » Editors » MIDI. Choose the gear icon and turn on the switches under the "Display" section.
  • Added a feature where songs can be indexed by MIDI note. This is done by adding a "Note-Index" metatag to the song with the numeric value of the note. For instance, Middle-C is 60.
  • Added the ability to control the songs menu with a wireless foot pedal.
  • Added an alert to notify users with instructions when they are trying to enter text but the keyboard did not appear due to a foot pedal being connected.
  • Added the ability to open the songs menu when the beginning or the end of a set is reached. This is configurable under the foot pedal configuration menu » gear icon » Start/Finish Set Trigger.