Release Notes

OnSong 1.96

OnSong 1.96 was released on November 13, 2012 and offers many bug fixes, performance and stability updates especially for iOS 6 devices. Below is a full list of what has been changed in this release.

New Features

  • Added iPhone 5 screen sizes and made adjustments to support the taller screen.
  • Added an undo menu option to the song editor.
  • Added a default setting to force line breaks to be respected and font size to be limited for lyrics projection.
    This can be configured in Settings » External Video » Adjust Lyrics To Fit.
  • Added a new visual foot pedal configuration tool.
  • Added an undo button in the song editor for menu-based changes.
  • Added device and OS versions to the send diagnostics screen.
  • Added support for the ChordPro {comment_italic:} and {ci:} tags.
  • Added an option to allow only the down beat of the metronome to play.
  • Added an option that allows the text editor to be blanks when writing new songs.
  • Added a warning when importing songs that are already in OnSong.
  • Added the ability to print just the "Selected song only" in print options.
  • Added support for the "H" chord detection when in chords over lyrics for German and Czech users.


  • Fixed a major issue where chords over lyrics would be compressed when finishing with editors in the song editor.
  • Fixed the AirTurn driver and implementation to be more stable and fix some keyboard issues.
  • Fixed an issue where using soc/eoc tags cause extra spaces.
  • Fixed issues regarding flow when imported OpenSong files in non-English file formats.
  • Enabled tabs to convert to spaces with Settings » Layout Options » Tab Spaces.
  • Fixed an issue with lyrics overlaying copyright information in lyrics projection.
  • Fixed an issue with the default vertical alignment set to top in lyrics projection.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping lyrics would block navigation zone edges.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping on the bottom or top of the screen would incorrectly go to the next song in the set.
    This is now restricted to foot pedal use.
  • Fixed the slave device on OnCue bouncing around while the master is stationary.
  • Fixed an issue where opening OnSong when AirPlay is attached would cause a crash.
  • Fixed issues with random freezes and crashes when using the Reflections app.
  • Fixed an issue where opening OnSong to a set when attached to AirPlay would not show the currently selected song in the set.
  • Fixed a crash when changing settings with AirPlay or wired external monitor is connected.
  • Fixed a crash when converting certain PDF files due to bad data.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented voice dictation from being accepted in search fields.
  • Fixed an issue when adding a line format character (*, / or !) to lyrics using Chords Over Lyrics would not properly handle the formatting.
  • Fixed an issue where soc/eoc ChordPro tags were causing extra spaces.
  • Fixed an issue where using the metadata or text tools menu in the song editor would cause chords to compress to the left of the screen when using Chords Over Lyrics.
  • Fixed an issue where indenting lines using spaces was not being respected due to line trimming.
  • Fixed an issue when hiding/unhiding the menubar when lyrics were in the center navigation zone.
  • Fixed the tone of the bass sound bank that was off by a half step.
  • Fixed an issue with the Live Bar buttons not aligning correctly when starting OnSong in various orientations.
  • Fixed a crash scenario that occurred when closing the Add-Ons screen before the add-ons were loaded.
  • Fixed an issue where changing books with the "Place In Book" tool on an iPhone would not save the changes.
  • Fixed issues when applying song styles to sets and books.
  • Fixed an issue when tapping the "Forward" scroll pedal while autoscroll is running will cause the song to scroll to the top of the page.
  • Fixed an issue when scroll backwards when autoscroll would cause erratic jumps.
  • Fixed an issues with jerky autoscrolling being caused by multiple autoscroll events occurring simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue with foot pedal disconnecting while in use.
  • Fixed an issue with foot pedals disconnecting after the keyboard is invoked in the editor.
  • Fixed a bug when switching sets that would cause a crash.
  • Fixed issues when using AirTurn pedals and AirPlay together.
  • Fixed an issue when "Separate Set/Song Styles" is turned on, where the "All Songs" version would have it's settings removed.
  • Fixed a crash when exporting an OnSong Backup file in the Dutch language.
  • Fixed issues when converting RTF files.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to navigate outside of SongSelect site for accountability reasons.
  • Fixed an issue with foot pedal operation and keyboard focus caused by external screens.
  • Fixed an issue when importing OpenOffice Text files (ODT).
  • Fixed an issue with the live bar not appearing when starting up OnSong in landscape.
  • Fixed an issue where OnSong tips and registration would not load due to changes to the Twitter API.
  • Fixed an issue when scrolling external files like PDF with a foot pedal while projecting lyrics where the song would immediately go to the next song due to being placed into section scrolling mode.
  • Fixed a crash when exporting file types from All Songs » + » Export » Dropbox.
  • Fixed a crash when signing into RWTC on the iPad mini.


  • Changed the song editor to automatically convert tab characters to spaces when rendering. This default to 8 spaces (iOS default) but can be configured in Settings » Layout Options » Tab Spaces.
  • Changed the way the AirTurn pedal driver worked to be more reliable.
  • Changed the song editor so if a book is specified as a metatag, and does not exist, it is created automatically.


  • Added Arabic and Hebrew translations.
  • Added localized screenshots for the app store.
  • Updated language files for new words and phrases.
  • Updated languages list in Settings » Display Preferences » Language.