Release Notes

OnSong 1.955

OnSong 1.955 was released on September 16, 2012 and offers many bug fixes, performance and stability updates.
Below is a full list of what has been changed in this release.


  • Fixed an issue when deleting a song from the song editor would not refresh the screen properly, making it appear the song was not deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with songs mingling in other books. This was caused by choosing a song from All Songs, then choosing a different book and viewing another song. When "Remember Zoom/Position" is turned on, the first song is saved, but is also placed into the currently selected book.
  • Fixed an issue where choosing "Unbound Songs" when picking a set would cause "All Songs" to appear instead.
  • Fixed an issue where if you had the "metadata editor" open in the song editor and then deleted the song, the window would close but the metadata editor popover would remain.
  • Fixed a display issue where choosing Songs » All Songs » + » Export » Dropbox would only display "iTunes" in the titlebar. These now use the appropriate label no matter which export method is selected.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue: when you select "My Sets" you see the currently active set. Tapping "Back" takes you to the folder list incorrectly. It now takes you to the list of sets.
  • Fixed an issue where the title of the "set list" would be blank. The title of the menu should be the name of the set that is selected and was just blank due to a bug.
  • Fixed a display issue where if wide menu is turned on in Settings » Song Navigation » Wide Songs Menu. The text fields when creating a book or set would be too narrow. The field now properly expands on both iPad and iPhone variations.
  • Fixed a crash condition when opening the SongSelect screen and closing it before completely loaded.
  • Fixed MIDI integration to send MSB/LSB bank selects as separate calls before sending program change events.
  • Fixed an issue when a chorus is defined using the soc/eoc ChordPro tags, and "Hide Chorus Label" is turned on, that the PDF output would still retain the label. This is found in Settings » Layout Options » Hide Chorus Label.
  • Fixed an issue where song playback started from the live bar is disjoined from the playback menu scrubber. These should now stay in sync with each other.
  • Fixed an issue where changes made using the text tools menu in the song editor could not be undone. This is now managed by the undo manager.
  • Fixed the PDF generation (print, export, email and open in) so that if a PDF file is being used and displayed, that PDF file is appended to the generated PDF document instead of including blank pages.
  • Fixed an issue with opening DOCX files from other apps like Dropbox. The correct UTI was not assigned to OnSong.
  • Fixed an issue where when "remember zoom/position" is turned on, the page would scroll to the top of the page when navigating the set. Now, the page will not align to the top anymore if Settings » Display Settings » Remember Zoom/Position is turned on.
  • Fixed an issue where previewing a song from the Internet when Settings » Display Settings » Remember Zoom/Position is turned on causes the song to be imported even it you cancel the preview window.
  • Fixed a critical issue where calling "Print" under certain circumstances would cause a crash.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when canceling an export before it was completed.
  • Fixed some crashes caused by an assertion failure in the AirTurn pedal type.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect indenting of chords when exporting as a Text File.
  • Fixed an issue where previewing a song from the Internet with "Remember Zoom/Position" turned on would cause the song to be imported.


  • Changed Import from Dropbox, RWTC integration and the add-ons menu to turn off ad-hoc networking during the import process. This is to improve import speed. The ad-hoc networking is turned on again after the import is completed.
  • Changed the MIDI section of the Metadata Editor to now have "Send" and "Receive" sections. Send allows you to send MIDI program changes and bank selects when a song is selected. Receive will allow you to listen for program changes and back selects and change to a song in the current set, or from your library.
  • Changed the way tapping on chords works so that both settings are independent. You can turn on the inspector or chord playback to operate independently of each other.
  • Changed the width of song editor menus to be wide if wide menus is turned on in Settings » Song Navigation » Wide Songs Menu.
  • Changed the way tapping on chords and tablature operates. Now you can set these actions independently in Settings » Chord Playback » When Tapping Chords and Settings » Chord Playback » When Tapping Tabs. You can now select from "Do Nothing", "Open Inspector", "Play Chord", or "Do Both". The old options found at Settings » Instrument Settings » Disable Chord Popover as well as Settings » Chord Playback » Play Chords When Tapped have been removed. Your settings will be transferred to the new format.


  • Repeat yourself: now you can double tap the audio playback button will return playing or paused song back to the beginning of the song as a quick way to repeat the song over again.
  • If you have MIDI integration, you can now change the song in OnSong by issuing program change/back select events. This uses the new "midi-index" metatag that you can configure in the Metadata Editor inside the Song Editor.
  • Added "Output Options" to the print options screen to allow Original Key and Lyrics Only to be changed in the menu.
  • Added the ability to set output options for printing such as "In Original Key" and "Lyrics Only".
  • Added the ability to set horizontal and vertical alignment of text in lyrics projection.


  • Updated language files for new words and phrases.
  • Added Simplified Chinese translation.