Release Notes

OnSong 1.952

OnSong 1.952 was released on July 27, 2012 and offers critical bug fixes, performance and stability updates.
Below is a full list of what has been changed in this release.


  • Fixed issues with songs migrating into different books.
  • Fixed issues with Dropbox to fix crash conditions.
  • Fixed issues where the audio playback would stop when autoscroll would finish.
  • Fixed issues with MIDI Integration and changing programs/banks in particular.
  • Fixed issues when exporting using the "+" button to export whole books.
  • Fixed issues and crashes when launching and using OnSong with a WiFi connection that is not connected to the Internet.
  • Fixed handling of bad network connections. If OnSong has a WiFi connection, but could not reach the Internet, it could cause crashes. This caused us to go through a make a lot of changes to how OnSong starts up and connects to web services.
  • Fixed an issue with starting OnSong when connected to a non-Internet WiFi connection. This fixes the boot up crash, failure to verify RWTC properly and crashes when accessing the Playback menu.
  • Fixed various issues relating to popovers not dismissing.
  • Fixed an issue where an exported folder appears as an OpenSong file in the iTunes import screen.
  • Fixed issues to add the MIDI add-on back for 1.952 international language users.
  • Fixed an issue where when the Internet connection is dropped and you were on the Remote tab, you get locked out of local. Now selecting "Books" and then a book should default to the Local tab regardless.
  • Fixed an issue with rotating the mirrored external screen.
  • Fixed an issue where files couldn't be selected when importing via iTunes file sharing


  • Added the new renderer which is turned "on" by default. This is a new way to render non-text files like PDF. This should allow bigger PDF files before crashing. You can toggle this to the old version in Settings » Debug » Renderer Version.
  • Added new song reporting output. You can now output song reports by exporting, emailing and printing. Also, I've added some new reporting options. OnSong now keeps track of how many times a song is performed, projected, printed and played back (backing tracks)
  • Added visual metronome blink on external monitors when using stage mirror mode.


  • Updated translations with a new translation service to keep things current.
  • Updated language files including Czech.
  • Updated language files including fixes to metric values in the settings screen.
  • Update to properly add Portugal Portuguese to the project.