Release Notes

OnSong 1.950

OnSong 1.950 was released on June 24, 2012 to add a number of requested features including song reporting and MIDI integration.
Below is a full list of what has been changed in this release.


  • Fixed issues when converting to various file formats.
  • Fixed a user interface freezed experienced when toggling the chord style.


  • MIDI Integration
    This is a new in-app purchase that allows OnSong to integrate to external MIDI devices such as keyboards, foot pedals and other iOS devices. It provides the following features:
    • Map MIDI pedals, controls and keys to OnSong actions.
    • Playback chords over your MIDI instrument.
    • Detect tempo from the MIDI clock in the new tempo picker.
    • Insert chords in the editor by playing them on a keyboard.
    • Set program change and bank select on MIDI when the song is selected.
  • Metadata Editor
    In the song editor, you can now tap an "information" icon to open the metadata editor. This lets you visually set metatags.
  • Songs Reporting By Sets
    I've added more information about a set so now when you create a set, you specify a date and optional title. OnSong will automatically report songs based on the sets they were added to. You can switch back to the usage-based reporting in settings if desired. You can also sort sets by date now.
  • New Live Bar Menus
    We've changed the live bar menus to be larger and easier to set. You can also use these on iPhone/iPod Touch.