Perform Your Heart Out

Focus On The Music

Once the music starts, you don't want to be fiddling with paper. Control the flow of music easily with OnSong.

  • Hands-free scrolling

    Start your set and watch the music auto-scroll so you don't have to move the music yourself.

  • Foot pedal navigation

    Move through your set wirelessly and hands-free with OnSong's built-in foot pedal controls.

  • Low light mode

    Reduce stage light and save your vision by inverting the screen with low light mode.

  • Go with the flow

    Write out the lyrics of your song and use Flow to play it just the way you like. Every time.

  • Share the screen

    With OnSong you can project lyrics to your audience or share your chords with fellow band members.

“We bought two iPads just to use OnSong”
— NextBestThing, via GetSatisfaction