OnSong 1.955 Manual

Foot Pedals

OnSong integrates with a number of different foot pedals to make for a hands-free experience. When you're on stage, your hands are busy with playing music. By tapping on a foot pedal, OnSong can scroll the currently viewed song and navigate to other songs in the set. Now you can also map OnSong actions to other features like starting and stopping backing tracks, transposing a song up and down, and much more.

To configure foot pedals, you use the Foot Pedal Control options under Settings.

OnSong recommends the following foot pedals:

  • AirTurn BT-105 is an all-in-one unit that is wireless, compact, rechargable and also features an "eject keyboard" mode that allows you to simultaneously use the on-screen keyboard with the foot pedal. The BT-105 is expandable to four foot switches.
  • PageFlip Cicada is a lower cost Bluetooth that is a wireless and compact two-pedal unit.
  • Bili Page Turner is a low cost USB foot pedal that works with the Apple Camera Connection kit. It's great for users who don't want to use Bluetooth for a simple plug-and-play installation.