OnSong Manual


The debug section in settings is used to correct issues that may occur when using OnSong. The following are switches that inform OnSong to perform certain functions when it starts up. Let's take a look at these options and how they may help get you out of a jam.

Clear Temporary Files

Turning on this option will clear temporary files when the app is placed into the background. This may be used if you are running out of storage space on your device. This is not recommended to be used otherwise as it will effect performance and temporary files are cleared automatically by iOS when needed.

Forget Last Song

This is the most important debug setting to keep in mind. If you import a song that has incompatible content or is too large it may cause OnSong to crash. Because OnSong remembers the last song you had viewed, this an cause a crash loop. In that case, open the settings app on your device and turn on this setting. The next time you start OnSong, the last known song will be forgotten and the demo song will be viewed instead. This allows you to get back into OnSong and delete the offending file.

Purge Database

Turning on this function will instruction OnSong to delete your current library and start over. When OnSong purges the database, it jettisons the library as a backup so you can restore it later.

Reset Help File

In some cases the help file in OnSong may become corrupted. Turn on this setting to delete the help file on your device and cause OnSong to download a fresh copy.

Reset Settings

This is equal to the Reset Settings tool found in the Utilities Menu. It will remove all user preferences and reset the settings back to the factory defaults. This does not remove your OnSong library. This can be useful if a combination of settings is causing a problem when starting OnSong.

Retrieve Help File

OnSong checks for updates to it's help file when launched. You can turn this feature off to prevent OnSong from looking for a new help file. Default is on.

Note: most of these features are off and when turned on, will be reset to off once the action has been performed when OnSong starts up. This is by design.

v. 1.999